Sunday, July 18, 2010

Changing some plans

Heya well the show on the 10th went awesome! Couldnt have asked for any better of the girl again, she really just proves to me she loves to worka nd play and havea fun and please me! Couldnt have been more proud!

Got some dispointing news after having the vet out to see her, Her leg confermation wont be able to keep her sound if I do alot of jumping with her. We are going to try some specail shoes (EDSS) to keep her feet from hurting and going to do alot of easy work for the next few months to keep her going but not over due it get her sore. Its not fun to hear your horse cant do somthing they really love doing and you both have fun with but Im not giving up. I have lots more I can still do with her, I can still ride her the same just keep it simple and no jumping. I have a idea of working her her to do liberty work on the ground and if that goes well and i get the courage I will try to do some bareback liberty work. I tried just a little the day after I got the diapointing news and she seemed to really like it, follwed me around like a puppy! Id run across the little arena thing we got going on and suddenly stop and shed be right next to me running and stoping turning when i turned and backing up when I walk backwards or towards her with my hand pointed out. I even got her to almost somewhat do a cute bow. Now I just have to figure out voice commands for other things.

Anyways here are the jumping pics from the last show and from starting the libertry work :) she was great, i was so happy but now we can just try other fun things.

Off to teach camp tomarrow to little kids on cute ponies :) Miss you all!

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Rock Riders Show

This weekend's show went as well as the last show, if not better since it was alot more hectic and we were in the ring with alot of horses! There is one more show this year till Klassy's first season is over for the year and then she is getting a 2-4 week break of major work, just going to do trails and bareback. after the last show we will be doing alot of work on trot ploes and getting her more relaxed so she can move better when I ride her, she is getting there but has started trying to evaid her work by grabbing the bit, locking her jaw and taking off as fast as she can weather its a trot or canter...or dead run. Also finding out we are scred to DEATH of the horse eating deer we have on the island, so I wont be going in the woods by myself till we get that under our belt...saddle! lol
I will be having the vet out to take a look at Klassy's feet and legs and overall bodey. Going through a change of farriers with so many people's suggestions and opinions can be har to all take in so we are going to with what the vet says is best :) Id rather pay for a flexion test and a few other exams then pay for recovery from bad showing or a lame horse!

Friday, July 2, 2010

Klassic Superstar

Well we survived with flying colors of our first show! YAY! It couldnt have gone better or smoother and I was so proud of my baby girl who is growing up!! We rode intro test A and training level test 1. Our score for Intro A was 61% and that wasa tie for 6th place with Karen :) witha overall score of 122 point out of 200. For training 1 we got 56.9% (rounding ot to a 57%!!!) LOL witha score of 132 points. I for sure felt alot better about the short walk trot intro test but did have some really good moments in our 2nd test as well. I know what I need to work on! Lots of hw for the next dressage show in 2 or 3 months! I got 4th place in my training level 1 test, wasnt even expecting any ribbons!
For jumping Klassy got 2nd place in 18" and I really proved to me she wants to be a jumper! Only a couple refusals and she wasnt bad at all, just unsure and thats fine with me, we made it clear and I satyed on and we had a blast, got a 1st place in the 2ft round cause I was the only rider for that class but she derserved that Blue ribbion for the whole day! What a good mare! I was so shocked and so happy! Sadly I didnt get any jumping pictures!!! DARN DARN DARN, but I will say it was like riding a fast cloud! haha
So here are some pictures from the show, next weekend we have our 2nd show, 4h. Going to do lots of flat classes and a couple jumping, maybe go for some medals if i decide to. Going to have 2 grooms to help me out and she will be all fnacy for this show!
I had so much fun! LOVE ME GOOBER!

Thursday, June 24, 2010


Will add more again after the show this Sunday!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

New places, new faces, more fun!

SO klassy was moved to Vashon on the 5th of this month :) She jumped right in the trailer and then didint really want out lol She is close my my Gma Lori's house and closer to the horse park, both right down the road from where she is boarded, If you go to the left off our road you hit thehorse park, right you go past Lots of fun pasture and get to Lori's :) Botha great warm up ride! We are also loactaed right by Soooooooooo many trails its insane! lol
Klassy has her own outdoor roundpen where she stays all day when she is not in her little pasture of grass :) When it rains she gets put in the end stall. She is very happy there and likes all the other horses.
I have worked her a few times, and she seems to really being starting to enjoy working, and really understanding how to use parts of her bodey and that when you relaxe things go eaiser!
I forget alot that she is only four! Acts like a older broke horse so much of the time.
We have our first dressage/jumping show in two weeks. Only doing itty bitty jumps cause she lies it so much, and doing two dressage tests.
Then we havea 4h show two weeks after that, going to do a few classes for fun.
Graduation is in two days!

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Vashon here we come :)

So lots of news, almost time to graduate! weird to think wheni fisrt got Klassy I was a Jr in Highschool strating out ina sketchy naighborhood and homeschool wasnt really what i considerd fun at the time but here I am, ready to be done and see everyone and family! YAY I have my graduation dress all picked out and we are all going out to yummy food after the ceramony.

Klassy is getting moved to Vashon next weekend! Very exciting. I will be paying for all of her expences, my mom said she would pay for training (YAY) Now I can ride with all my friends again and see more of my family and will feel that much more responisable! I am getting a part time job as well as working off 1/2 my board bill and getting to work with kids this summer and do some fun shows and work again with my trainer I had wheni had my little moo cow who took my to championships in 4-H.

We have been doing less arena work and alot more having fun on the trails resently and she is loving it. I think I have an eventer on my hands here! She maybe small, but she is mighty! somthing we both have in common!
So I hope you enjoy these pics, I will try to post the video my friend got of us jumping over a log! who knows if it will work or not. Also postinga picture of my gradution dress :) I seem to be addicted or drawn to blue or greenish sparkly dresses! thats all I have! 3 of them now!

More later after the move!